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Riga, hotel KONVENTA SĒTA (Kaleju 9/11, hall Kampenhauzens), 30-31 March 2012



Friday 30 March


19.00. Opening

Poster session

1.      Janis Lesins, University of Latvia

Skin Autofluorescence Photobleaching Synchronization with Physiological State

2.      Alexander Derjabo, Latvian Oncology Centre

A Case Report of Skin Melanoma Diagnosis by Multispectral Imaging

3.      Arita Silapetere, University of Latvia

In Vitro Measurements of Bilirubin

4.      Viktorija Mechnika , University of Latvia

Implementation of a Wireless Photoplethysmography Sensor Body Area Network for Cardiovascular Monitoring

5.      Lasma Asare, University of Latvia

Multi-spectral Photoplethysmography Device for Waveform Analysis of Vascular Lesions

6.      Karina Volceka, University of Latvia

Determination of Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue with an Optical Method

7.      Janis Lesins, University of Latvia

Device for Skin Diagnostics by Autofluorescence Photobleaching

 8.      Mara Greve, University of Latvia

Accuracy of the Wireless Digital Photoplethysmography System in Estimation of Heart Rate Variability

9.      Zbignevs Marcinkevics, University of Latvia

Monitoring of Septic Disease Altered Arterial Stiffness

10.  Eriks Zaharans, University of Latvia

Development of Portable Non-contact Photoplethysmography Device

11.  Edgars Laksa, University of Latvia

Device for Measurements of Capillary Blood Refill Time

12.  Maris Ozols, University of Latvia

Device for Assessment of Arterial Occlusion

20.00. Welcome reception



Saturday 31 March


9.00. Katarina Svanberg, Lund University Medical Laser Centre (invited)

Laser Spectroscopy in the Detection and Therapy of Malignant Tumours


9.30. Sune Svanberg, Lund University Laser Centre (invited)

GASMAS - Gas in Scattering Media Absorption Spectroscopy: Medical Applications


10.00. Valery Tuchin, Saratov State University and University of Oulu (invited)

Skin Optical Properties Control: Clear Vision through Skin


10.30-11.00 Coffee break


11.00. Maurice Aalders, Amsterdam University Academic Medical Center (invited)

Multispectral Imaging Technologies for Skin Assessment


11.30. Martin Leahy, National University of Ireland Galway (invited)

Skin Microcirculation Imaging


12.00. John Klaessens, University Medical Center Utrecht

Development of a LED-multispectral Imaging System for Non-contact Tissue Perfusion and Oxygenation Imaging


12.20. Latchezar Avramov, Institute of Electronics, Sofia

Fluorescence Spectroscopy for Skin Cancer Diagnosis - Clinical Trial


12.40-13.30 Lunch break, restaurant Ambiente


13.30. Janis Spigulis, University of Latvia

European Social Fund Project „Biophotonics Research Group”


13.50. Dainis Jakovels, University of Latvia

Evaluation of Skin Vascular Malformations Treatment by RGB Imaging


14.10. Uldis Rubins, University of Latvia

Photoplethysmography Imaging Device for Non-contact Monitoring of Sympathetic Blocks  

14.30. Ilona Kuzmina, University of Latvia

Multispectral Imaging of Skin Vascular Lesions: Clinical Results of Therapy Monitoring


14.50. Janis Lesinsh, University of Latvia

Signs of Haemoglobin in Low Power CW-laser Induced Human Skin Detected by Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy and Multi-spectral Imaging


15.10. Janis Alnis, University of Latvia and Max Plank Institute for Quantum Optics, Garching

Optical Pulse Detection Using Laser Light Source


15.30-15.50 Coffee break


15.50.  Edgars Kviesis-Kipge, University of Latvia

A Wireless Cardiovascular Monitoring Device and Its Clinical Tests


16.10. Ricardas Rotomskis, Vilnius University

Characterization of the Heart Tissues by the Time Resolved Fluorescence Spectroscopy


16.30. Saulius Bagdonas, Vilnius University

Diagnostic Aspects of the Light-induced Autofluorescence Decay


16.50. Alexey Lihachev, University of Latvia

Clinical Evaluation of Skin Pathologies by Laser Induced Autofluorescence Photobleaching Methods


17.10. Ilze Diebele, University of Latvia

Melanoma Differentiation from Other Pigmented and Vascular Skin Lesions by Multispectral Imaging Analysis


17.30. Discussion and concluding remarks


19.00. Conference dinner, restaurant Ambiente 



More details:, tel. +371 6722 8249